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Cochise Spring Seminar - Joseph Kezele
04/21/2012  9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Calvary Chapel Sierra Vista - Sierra Vista
Cochise Meetings/Lectures


Joseph Kezele, M.D., President AzOSA, Assistant Professor of Biology, Arizona Christian University

Christian Men of Science and What We Are Up Against

Starts with a review of some of the great scientists of the past and present who based their belief in a young-Earth creation model on Scripture sue to their expectation that the God of the Bible is a God of order. The contrast between operative and historical science is presented along with some evidence to highlight underlying assumptions of evolution. Lastly, Scripture is presented which contains the essence of the first two Laws of Thermodynamics.

Begins with a review of the evolutionary scenario, quotations of Richard Dawkins, and how the Church responds in general to attack by evolution. The seven "Cs" of biblical history are presented along with a few examples of compromise on the part of people who state they are Bible believing Christians.

Grand Canyon - The Whole Truth

Contrasts the worldviews that accompany young-Earth and old-Earth models of what is observed and what is thought to have occurred at the Grand Canyon. The geological and and fossil evidence is examined to see which model fits best. Events at Mount Saint Helens are reviewed to demonstrate rapid canyon formation, as an example of how the Grand Canyon may have formed.

The Perfectly Providing Placenta

This very well diagrammed presentation starts with the development of the human embryo and shows how it progresses to the beginning of the development of the placenta. The remainder of the presentation focuses on the placenta itself, its subsequent development, and how it takes on the functions of supporting the life of the embryo while the placenta itself is growing and changing. Know the placenta's functions, be amazed by what the placenta does to the uterus and learn why the mammalian system of reproduction had to have been created.


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